Information for contributors

Information for contributors

The Journal of the European Mosquito Control Association is intended to provide a forum for information on European mosquitoes and work related to the European species. Articles dealing with aspects of the biology, ecology, identification, taxonomy, distribution, disease relations and control of European mosquitoes will be considered for publication. From Issue 23, JEMCA will cease to be a distributed paper journal and all papers submitted to JEMCA will be published directly on the web. Hard copies will go only to selected libraries to satisfy the conditions of the ICZN. JEMCA is an open access journal - all papers (including all past issues) are available for downloading from the JEMCA website as .pdf files. All articles will be put out to review by two reviewers following a blind peer review procedure, as part of the submission and editorial process.

There are currently no fees charged for submission or publication.

JEMCA follows the COPE Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors and the Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers. For more information please see the COPE website (

All articles and letters should be written with the text and any tables in Word.

The following notes are for additional guidance:

1. Articles

Line drawings, graphs or charts may be included (either as colour or black and white), but it is desirable that these should withstand reduction. All drawings, graphs, or charts must be submitted as separate files as appropriate image files (eg: png, jpg). Photographs can also be included. Articles may be of any length. Manuscripts should be submitted in Times New Roman, font size 10, unjustified, double line spacing, with numbered lines and pages. Manuscripts should be broken into the following subsections:


Authorship: (full names of each author please)

Author affiliations:

Lead authors email address:

Abstract: (no more than 300 words)

Keywords: (no more than eight)


Materials and Methods:




References: Full journal names must be listed. References should follow the examples below:

Alten, B., Çaglar S.S. & Özer, N. (2000) Malaria and its vectors in Turkey. European Mosquito Bulletin, 7, 27-33.

Rettich, F. (2000) Revize fauny komáru Podebradska (Revision of the mosquito fauna of the Podebrady area). Proceedings of the 4th DDD conference, Podebrady, May 23-25, 2000. 219-234.

2. Letters

Letters to the editor on any relevant subject, or requesting information or specimens, are welcome. The letter should include a full address for reply.

Please send all proposed manuscripts to Helge Kampen by email at 

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